St Brigid's Open Evening

We are delighted to invite all interested parties to our Open Evening on September 16th.  Click link for more information.

St Brigid's 'Moves a Marathon' for Ethan

On Thursday St. Brigid's took part in 'Move a Marathon' in memory of Ethan Ross.

We started the day with Years 3 & 4.  The enthusiasm, energy and effort was tremendous and started the day in such a positive manner.  This was followed with the news from Foundation phase who completed the equivalent of 21 laps (which is just short of 3 miles).  A simply wonderful effort


Year 9 followed on and kept up throughout their hour and helped to build towards the first Marathon, there were notable efforts from Kian and Freya from 9G and Faye Williams and the boys who also kept the laps ticking over.  Bili Tranmer then dominated the Year 7's hour.  Year 7's were great today and got us very close to the completion of the first Marathon.  This was achieved by a staff lap from Mr Spurgin, Mrs Williams, and Mrs Sergant just on lunch time.  Mrs Williams and Mrs Sergant were phenomenal and were major contributors to the 263 laps the 6th form and staff completed.  


Lunchtime saw the staff and 6th form continue to bang out the laps ready for the onslaught that was Year 8.  Year 8 simply stole the show this afternoon with their tactics for the relay and covered 117 laps within their lesson (very nearly 15 miles!!) which meant that very quickly we had covered a second Marathon.  Mrs Crimes was out with the Year 8's and ran with some of the pupils, which was lovely to see.  This was quickly followed by Year 10's who also managed to push the total up over another half marathon and there was a real team spirit and ethos apparent as we closed towards the end of the day.  


At the end of the day, we had completed 67 miles as a school (65 was 2 and a half marathons).  This was a fantastic effort and collectively the school raised £325 in Memory of Ethan Ross.  Furthermore the efforts once again demonstrated the community spirit and teamwork that we have as a school.  It was a day to be proud and we thank all who were involved.

Don't forget you can still make a donation.  Please follow the link below;


Year 7's continuing to tally the laps up in the Move a Marathon for Ethan (above) whilst Mrs Crimes and Ella Rae (Yr 8) keep up the excellent teamwork (below).


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