Neges gan ein Prif Fachgen

Head Boy – Matthew Howarth


Hello, my name is Matthew Howarth. As Head Boy, I will strive to be a strong academic representative of the school, and to promote all aspects of our school’s incredible educational and communal standards. We currently face very dynamic times, which encourages my primary aim to enable all students and members of the wider community to have their opinions voiced, and to augment discussion at all levels of the school.

As a student who focuses on science and mathematics, I believe that it is integral to expose students to the concepts that drive the modern world. I will consequently be an advocate of establishing more extracurricular activities for students, such as an Astronomy Club. Additionally, I understand the environmental threat that our world is challenged with, which will make it a fundamental aspect of my time as Head Boy to further the progress that our school has already made on this matter.

My goal is to study Physics at university, so I hope that the hard-work and dedication required to achieve this will reflect in my role as Head Boy. I enjoy reading and technology, which provides me with knowledge of current global matters. Ultimately, I plan to work closely with the other prefects to create a great network of student thought

Deputy Head Boy – Billy Morrell

My name is Billy Morrell, and I’m incredibly excited to serve as your new Deputy Head Boy for the upcoming 21/22 academic year. I feel extremely fortunate to have been able to attend this fantastic school for the past six years and look forward to spending my final year improving and preserving our unique school community and the opportunities that come with it.


With a strong interest in writing and creating since a very young age, I have continued to pursue endeavours relevant to this, and I am currently studying Drama, History, and English Literature. I hope to study Journalism at university and spend my post-university life travelling the world, learning about unique people, places, and cultures whilst writing and creating documentaries. Outside of school, I enjoy collecting vinyl records, but I also am a self-taught graphic designer, and for around a year, I have been designing for a music collective based in Georgia, USA.


One of my central priorities will be to help bring about a brand-new school magazine in honour of our school’s history and formation by Brigidine sisters in 1943, which will target the secondary school students. Written by a student team, the magazine will aim to encourage open discussion about a variety of issues that young people are faced with whilst also giving readers the chance to have their own articles published through themed writing competitions.


I am very excited to work alongside Matthew, Harriet, Kadie, and the rest of the prefect team to be a voice for the students, keep St Brigid’s a welcoming place for all, and create new opportunities for all to experience!


Left to Right

Harriet Gaskin (Head Girl), Matthew Howarth (Head Boy), Billy Morrell (Deputy Head Boy), Kadie Griffiths (Deputy Head Girl)

Head Girl - Harriet Gaskin

Since an early age, I have always aspired to be the Head Girl here at St. Brigid’s School and now hold the utmost gratitude to have been elected this role for 2021-2022. I feel extremely fulfilled to be finishing this incredible journey in this way. I am proud of the young adult I have become and look forward to being in an influential position to demonstrate the capacity of growth that all students at St. Brigid’s can achieve. I am currently studying A-Level Mathematics, Biology, Product Design and Welsh Baccalaureate and aim to become a pilot in The Royal Air Force following my studies.

I believe some of my most significant contributions to the school have been via my participation in multiple extracurricular activities, especially in respect of the RAF section of our Combined Cadet Force. I have made considerable achievements as a cadet, with the continuous support from the cadet staff, leading to my current rank of Flight Sergeant and position as Lord Lieutenant of Clwyd’s Cadet and am passionate about encouraging all students to take part in our excellent Cadet Force to explore further interests outside of a classroom setting.

I have been a member of a dance school since the age of 3, taking part in weekly dance and musical theatre classes and annual theatre productions. My excitement for the performing arts has had a major influence on my childhood and has grown into a hobby which has allowed me to be involved in our school pantomime productions, an experience which influences students to grow as a community and gives them the confidence to flourish.

It will be an honour to work closely with Matthew, Billy and Kadie as well as the elected prefects, to be positive role models for the school and lead by example to ‘Inspire And Be Inspired’.

Deputy Head Girl - Kadie Griffiths


I am excited to embark on my final year at St.Brigids School as Deputy Head Girl and I am appreciative of the opportunity to be able to give something back to the school that has been such an influential force in my life since I started here in Year 7. For my A-Levels, I am currently studying English Literature, Biology, Drama and Welsh Baccalaureate, with the view to study Forensic Bioscience or Criminal Psychology at University.

I have grown up around the influence of theatre and performing arts and have performed in shows outside of school, in addition to the plays and pantomimes that have taken place here at St.Brigid’s. I enjoy travelling; the two most incredible experiences I have had have been on skiing holidays with school to the French Alps and I enjoy making memories with family and friends that will last a lifetime. I am a strong advocate for mental health as I believe it is a taboo in our society and must be broken in order to spread awareness and eradicate the stigma surrounding it, allowing us to build a compassionate and understanding school community.


My goal is to provide a reliable interface between the teachers and give equal importance, opportunity, and value to those at St.Brigid’s and be the voice for those who feel as though they cannot do so for themselves. It is an honor to represent such a special, supportive community that is St.Brigid’s and to be able to implement the values of love, hope, respect, faith and trust in my work. I am really looking forward to working with Harriet, Matthew and Billy to ensure we make a positive difference to the school.

Supporting Prefect Team

Senior Prefects for Chaplaincy:

Tom Clarke, Nicole Vidal, Kripa Varughese, Daniel Yutuc

Prefects for the Combined Cadet Force:

Elsie Smith, Scott McKinlay

Prefects for Science and Technology:

Abiya Biju

Prefects for Languages, Literacy and Communication: Nicola Sumang, Aine Smyth-Jones, Paige Roberts

Prefect for Mathematics: Orlagh Toner, Daniel Yutuc

Prefects for Welsh: Sophie Rowley, Owen Williams

Prefects for Primary School:

Laura Kingsley, Hope Bryer, Abbie Williams

Sports Prefects:

Millie Robinson, Alicia Williams, Maisie Donohoe- Williams

Prefect for Expressive Arts: Megan Aquino

Prefects for Humanities:

Caitlin Jones, Joely Wynne, Tom Holland

Prefect for Welsh Baccalaureate: Jack Wright